ZAVAR Design Radiators Collection

Behind the Zavar Design Radiators stays the process equipment of Zavar Company with its experience for pressure vessels and high pressure pipelines since 1988. Zavar Design collections are life line stories, either coming from a personal experience and common obsession. They are expression of attitude, style and passion.

Life Lines is the collection of stainless steel radiators, fully heating objects which bring not only warmth, but highlight every contemporary space as an original art piece. With its poetic and industrial look they stand powerfully in the space they occupy. The 8 conceptualized collections are expressions of one’s attitude and style. They show the passion and knowledge that is integrated into their design.

Life Lines new collection – Drop is the collaboration with jewelry brand Kapka from Macedonia. The other 7 collections (Identity, Atomic, Front, Tangent, Box, Alphabet, Bathroom) are designed by Marta Naumovska-Grnarova, owner and managing director of Zavar Design, mechanical engineer with big passion for art and design. Life Lines is a story of a personal journey of the designer told with a metaphor of lines inspired by some moment, feeling, attitude, situation and people.