About Zavar Design

Zavar Company is established fabricator of stainless steel process equipment and welding specialized company since 1988. Visit our website.

Zavar Design Radiators division, which started operating in 2004, was a natural step in Zavar Company efforts for continuous development and following the latest trends in welding technology and production of process equipment. The unit benefits from the years old tradition in engineering and construction of stainless steel products and experience for pressure vessels and high pressure pipelines of Zavar Company.

The final product is the result of in-house design and R&D. The company’s ability to integrate emerging technologies in its design provides complete pieces which carry both TUV Quality and Environmental Certificates.

Behind the production technology is the expertise and experience in pressure equipment and pipelines. The award for that was achieving the ISO 3834 welding standard.

Zavar Company’s core competence in pressure equipment is approved and certified by TUV Rheinland for following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 3834-2, PED 97/23/ EC with approved usage of CE mark on pressure equipment and SPV.

Zavar Design Radiators are made under CE marking procedures and the thermal outputs values defined under EN 442.

Pipes that are used for production of Zavar Design radiators are with thickness of 1, 5 or 2mm, which guaranties high quality and long life. Guarantee period is 10 years for all models.

By having one of Zavar Design radiators you invest in product which is partially automatically welded and partially handmade, using creativity, experience, art and handcraft’s love.