Zavar Design is a renewed company from Skopje (Macedonia) that uses the 30 years experience of Zavar Company to offer functional products which combine latest trends in design and technology.

Main idea behind the brand is to utilize modern technology and innovation and shape it in most unexpected ways and forms to create individual objects, radiators and furniture, that stand out in the interiors.

Final product is the result of the company’s ability to integrate emerging technologies and design. Production process is based on environmentally friendly technologies, with minimum energy consumption and high quality natural materials, which makes the products 100% recyclable. ZAVAR Design radiators are CE marked and with 15 years of guarantee for all models.

Zavar Design stands for original, mostly handcrafted, products and projects which move the boundaries of the artisans work and give metal new dimensions and beauty using only high quality natural materials. We design our production process with minimum energy consumption and environment friendly technologies and materials, making 100% recyclable products and avoid painting.

State-of-the-art technology in metal work is combined with endless creativity and the touch of the hand of the most skilled craft workers that results with our sculptures with function.

Our core idea is that we do not need to hide imperfections, but make them beautiful like nature does.

Combining and fitting this kind of objects is always easy and can correspond with any style and home atmosphere. Using creativity, experience, art and handcraft’s love, Zavar Design provides heat to the metal.